Our story

Hi everyone! My name is Bells and I’m *gulp* 28 years old. I’m a lover of pink, a hoarder of shoes, a lover of interior design, a drinker of wine (not in an alcoholic way!), a baker of cakes and a big fan of holidays and sunshine. My music tastes are pretty diverse and I don’t really watch TV unless some old people murder mystery programme is on – Poirot, Marple, Jonathan Creek, Midsomer Murders (Nettles only!)… you name it, I love it.

 When I was 19 I started a new job at a big company and there was this hot guy working on the 10th floor. Luckily for us, my job meant I had reasons to (legitimately!) visit all the different floors A LOT so I got a chance to strut my stuff (or y’know, awkwardly mumble while staring at the floor).

Here we are aged 22 (me) and 23 (him). This photo was taken at a work Christmas party in 2009, just after we first got together properly. I seem to remember passing out on the living room floor when we got home so I’m pretty sure my hair didn’t stay looking this good!

So I guess the rest of the story is pretty easy to figure out. We moved into a flat together, got engaged two months later, got married eight months after that and then just over a year later in 2011 we welcomed our beautiful son Oliver into the world, followed by our second son Harry in 2014. You might say it’s been a jam packed few years but then we were never ones to wait around before doing things! It’s been a fab six years and I’m looking forward to the rest of them!

So anyway onto the good stuff (and the main focus of this blog, lets be honest!)

This is Oliver, our oldest son. He made me a mummy in September 2011, six weeks before his due date.


And this is our younger son Harry who joined us in June 2014.


The family also includes our black and white cat Pixie, two rabbits and a menagerie of tropical and pond fish. Is there a third baby in our future? Who knows…. 😉