Pregnancy #3

‘Flip’ – due date unknown

My third pregnancy, which I found out about in A&E in February 2013, was an ectopic pregnancy. In some ways, despite being a more serious condition than a simple miscarriage, I found this one easier to ‘deal with’ in my head. Probably because I had no clue I was pregnant beforehand, I’d had what I thought was a period two weeks ago so what reason did I have for thinking I might be? I went into A&E in the early hours with pain and abnormal bleeding, they did a pregnancy test (as is the standard procedure for these types of situations) – and there is was. A big fat positive. Except of course something was going wrong, I knew that.

The aftermath was far more complicated than a normal miscarriage of course – I managed to avoid surgery with a dose of methotrexate and had to be monitored for a long time after that to make sure the pregnancy wasn’t progressing. For me that was probably the hardest part, obviously I knew I had no choice but the fact that my body hadn’t done this on its own was a bit difficult to think about.

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