Oliver Richard James


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Due date – 23rd October 2011
Birthday – 14th September 2011
Favourite food – Anything and everything! Particularly blueberries, grapes and apples (and treats of course!)
Favourite book – ‘Sharing a shell’
Favourite toy – Paw Patrol, Toot Toot Drivers and Duplo

I am updating this page when you are approaching five and school is looming on the horizon in September. You’ve had an extra year at preschool to most of your friends and I think you are well ready to be challenged in new ways! You are still a lovely big brother to Harry (most of the time) although, typically of siblings I’m sure, you have figured out how to wind him up to the point of full blown tantrums within minutes. You are quieter, tidier and more particular in your ways than I was led to expect from boys (although I suspect your brother will be loud and messy enough for the both of you).


You are still quite a reserved little character but with a lot of great support from the preschool, you have really started to come out of your shell this year. Hopefully you will continue to do so as you make the transition to the local primary school once the summer is over!

Last updated – 07/06/16

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