Harry Christopher George


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Due date – 15th June 2014
Birthday – 6th June 2014
Favourite food – Banana, beans, anything that is considered a carb!
Favourite book – ‘The Going to Bed book’ and any Peppa Pig books
Favourite toy – ‘Bun Bun’ (your blue Jellycat rabbit) and Toot Toot Drivers

Our beautiful second boy… you’ve turned into a proper blonde haired little angel, people can hardly believe you’re ours! You are such a placid, easy going little boy although with a bit of a temper that you’re not afraid to use to get your own way against your older brother. Despite reaching all of your earlier physical milestones early, you waited until 16 months to walk just like your brother – there’s no stopping you physically now though, you’re an expert at stairs and ladders and can climb just about anywhere!

You are still streets ahead with you communication, have hundreds of words and have been using two or three word sentences for about 6 months now. You are very messy and love to get all the toys out once – the polar opposite of your brother so I can see this being the cause of many an argument in the future and thank God that you don’t have to share a room!

You are a fairly good eater and usually happy to try most things – it took us a while to get used to your much (much!) smaller appetite though, especially as your big brother eats as much as an adult sometimes!

Watching your bond with Oliver grow has been one of the best things about having you, you two are such little friends now (although you bicker and tease each other A LOT) and play such cute little games together. Your favourite toys to play with together are the Toot Toot Drivers toys (of which we have hundreds), we love watching you build tracks together.

We are not yet sure what the future holds for you – whether you will attend your brother’s preschool next September or stay at your beloved nursery – it all depends on a few different factors…. so watch this space!

Last updated – 07/06/16


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