Top Wine Matching Tips

Wine matching is becoming more popular nowadays than it was a while back. The taste of the wine must agree with the taste of the food. You must consider the saltiness and bitterness of the food vis a vis the sweetness and the sourness of the wine. The flavours of the dish and the wine should complement each other to give your meal the perfect balance.

Perfect Combinations of Wine and Food
Grilled Salmon with Pinot Noir
What makes this pair work so well is because they are both of medium weight. Since grilled salmon’s flavours are subtle, the wine is perfect for bringing out the flavour.

Barbecue and Zinfandel
Barbecue is a delicacy, and as such, it was only logical to find a variety of wine to accompany it. Zinfandel fits this bill perfectly since it is a heavy wine which goes well with spiced up and smoky barbecue. The wine is sweet and intense which is similar to the grill, therefore, giving you a sweet taste in the mouth. Due to its sweetness and intensity, it also helps to cover up for the smoky flavour of barbecue. However, you must take caution if you are to serve with certain sauces. Too sweet or too fat sauces will not go well with the wine.

Tomato Source and Sangiovese
One of the golden rules of wine matching is the rule of locality. Let me explain- it is often safe to combine wines and foods from the same region. Although you do not have to follow this rule always- you can experiment with foods and wines from different localities- it works perfectly for Tomato sauce and Sangiovese. Since both the grape and the tomato are grown in the same area in France, the gentle flavour of the pasta is complemented by the acidity of the wine.

Flavours and Types of Wine
It is entirely accurate that wine gets better with age and the older it grows, the smoother it becomes. There are two types of wine – red and white.

White Wine
Oysters Bay Wine
This white wine comes mainly from New Zealand and has captured the hearts of most wine lovers. Oysters Bay Wine made from fruits which are less ripened tend to have a strong flavour as opposed to the ones made from ripe grapes.
Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best-known brands of Oyster Bay Wine. This particular wine has grapefruit aroma. It is crispy to the tongue and goes well with asparagus. This therefore, caters for a wide range of customers as you will choose the one within your price range.

Red Wine
Like its counterpart, the red wine has various varieties which give it a distinct flavour. The red colour comes from the fruit which makes the wine, while the taste is determined by the variety of the grape.

One of the most popular red wines is the Syrah. This wine is best served with meat. It has pleasant roasting meat aromas, mixed with black fruit –mostly wild. The grapes do well in France, California and Australia.

Other varieties include:
• Merlot
• Cabernet Sauvignon
• Malbec
• Pinot noir
• Zinfandel

There are many more varieties of red wine in the market with different flavours.
Knowing how to match wine is one of the best things that you can learn to transform your meal times. Although it takes a bit of practice and experimenting with different varieties- it is an enjoyable activity.

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