The Best Pretend Play Toys for Kids to Boost Creativity & Imagination

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Pretend play is great for boosting a child’s mind and understanding the world around them and these kinds of toys can be an excellent Christmas gift idea. Here are some examples of top toys that will give your child the motivation to be creative with these pretend play toys.

Pretend play Kitchens
Kids love to copy their parents and with a play kitchen they can imitate the cooking they see mommy and daddy doing every day. Things like cooking in the kitchen really intrigue children and it will help them improve their creativity too. Cooking up their own creations, chocolate potato anyone? A kitchen play set will let them act out cooking, washing and eating just like mum and dad, and create their own pretend recipes for the family to try.

Plastic or wooden toy foods and utensils, as well as shopping baskets encourage playing at cooking and shopping. Children will love serving up dinner to their parents and telling them what they have made especially for them.

Fancy dress
Dressing up and pretend play are so good for your child’s development. The possibilities are endless when it comes to their imagination. Perhaps they want to be a police person, a fairy princess, a chef, film star or a clown. Whatever they want to try their hand at! They may even want to be just like mummy and daddy, whatever that might be.

They don’t need much to push them on their way as their imaginations will do the rest. Play uniforms, some old clothes and a few accessories can start off a fancy-dress box that will grow with your child. Pretend play at its finest.

Dolls houses
A classic choice in toys for young children. Playing with dolls and putting them into both every day and extra ordinary situations is a great way for children to engage in pretend play. They can immerse themselves into their dolls characters and do different things in each room of their dolls house.

They can also rearrange the furniture, change their dolls clothes and make additions to the house such as pets, cars and outhouses. Acting out their own little scenarios as far as their imaginations will taken them. It is also a lasting gift that grows with the child and something that will be cherished for years to come.

Arts and Crafts toys
To bring out your kid’s creative sides then why not try arts and crafts toys. These can be anything from colouring books and crayons, to card, glue and glitter. Whatever their age they can get involved in arts and this is the best way to encourage their creativity.

This kind of play improves fine motor skills and enables your children to use their imagination and create whatever they are feeling or thinking at the time. They can also learn about different textures and materials giving them a range of things to learn from and create.

Pretend play toys are something you should think about
When considering toys to choose for your child then think about those listed above. They will have fun, learn and boost their creativity all at the same time, and you will enjoy playing with them too!

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