How to build a business empire: 3 lucrative industries for the taking

You’re rushed off your feet running after the kids, keeping the house from falling down around everyone’s ears and clocking in the necessary hours at a fulltime job – you’d be crazy to launch your own startup now, right?

Believe it or not, if you’ve always dreamed of escaping nine-to- five office life for the freedom of being your own boss, there’s no better time than the present.

As mums we’ve already developed some of the key skills required to make it as an entrepreneur. Multitasking, coordinating four different schedules, operating at full speed on little or no sleep, staying calm in a crisis – the list of your many invaluable talents is endless. To help you put them to good use and turn your entrepreneurial fantasy into reality, we’re sharing some ideas about the lucrative businesses you can start from home. Take a look.

#1: steal Betty Crocker’s baking crown

There’s a void in your life now that The Great British Bake-off has finished and no matter how many birthday cakes you bake for family and friends you just can’t fill it – it’s time to take your icing skills to the next level with a home-based bakery.

Specialise in creating delicate and beautifully decorated cakes for special occasions and you’ll be able to charge some serious money.

Your delicious home-baked goods can’t speak for themselves, though, so marketing your new business is a must. Use social media to share photos and customer reviews, advertise in local papers and rent out stands at fairs or coffee mornings to help spread the word about your delicious cakes.

My home bakery business Cakes by Bells had a stall at the school Christmas fair this year!

#2: launch a money-spinning cleaning company

Setting up a cleaning company won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but for the Monica Gellars amongst us it’s ideal.

Start small, offering weekly housekeeping for homes or local businesses, before upping up your earning potential with additional extras – like installing DIY rat traps in winter or freshening up outdoors furniture in summer months.

Once you’ve got a healthy client base firmly established you can look at hiring extra staff to further build your cleaning empire.

#3: become the next Instagram beauty guru

You can apply false eyelashes in the dark, have a knack for intricate nail art and boast highlighting skills to rival Kylie Jenner – basically, you have everything it takes to run a mobile beauty salon.

From getting wedding parties ready to sorting out busy mums for festive parties, offer a full range of treatments – including fake tanning, manicures, makeup and hair ups – so you can take advantage of all opportunities.

And don’t forget about Instagram, your secret weapon in becoming a beauty guru. Set yourself up with an account and post as frequently as you can, with before-and- after photos as well as product reviews to get your name out there amongst potential customers.

So there you have it, our top three business ideas for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Work hard, put your finely-tuned mum skills to use and you’ll soon be running your own empire!

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Hi my name is Bells... mummy blogger extraordinaire... or not. I mostly blog about my family life, with a bit of fashion, beauty and baking thrown in. Oh and I love pink. So yeah, I'm pretty much just your typical teenage girl.... except I'm a fully grown adult and mum of three. Doh.

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