Starting school


Sorry, yes it’s one of those posts. Well not really, I’m not gonna go all ‘cyber tearful’ on you but despite this blog having fallen waaayyyyy by the wayside over the last year or two, I did want to document that this HUGE milestone is happening for my biggest boy next week.

Oliver will be one of the oldest in his class with a September birthday and is SO READY for school. He spent most of his summer holiday at nursery with Harry as both David and I had to work and I have really noticed the (negative) change in his behaviour, due no doubt to the massive change in his routine and just the fact that he is no longer being challenged in the way that he is used to.

We have washed, ironed and labelled his little uniforms *sob* and he is so excited for his first day next Thursday. One lovely thing about the fact that our chosen school is just down the road from his old preschool is that half of his class is made up of children he already knows and they did so many school visits before breaking up for the summer that I am not really concerned about the transition at all.

All I’m left wondering is how on earth we got here so fast!?! Can I have another baby yet???




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