Now you are five {Oliver}

So we’re finally here. Five has always seemed like a scary age because it signifies the start of so many changes (to me at least!)

Five means I absolutely one hundred million percent CANNOT call you a toddler anymore. I probably should’ve stopped that around age 3 but oh well! Five means independence. There are so many things that you’ve been able to do yourself for a while now already but five is the age where others will really start to expect those things of you. I can no longer say “He’s only four” and use it as an excuse why I still do things for you 😉 Like it or not, you’re going to have to start doing more and more things without our help especially because of the final reason that five is such a scary age…. primary school, which you started last week!

I’m happy to report that so far you seem to love it. I definitely feel lucky that as a September born, you got to start as late as possible – all those summer babies just look tiny to me in their little uniforms and you look like such a grown up next to them. You’re loving wearing your uniform (thank goodness) and playing with your preschool friends who’ve joined you at primary school but in typical Oliver fashion I can’t get a single bit of information out of you about your day, other than the occasional description of what you had for lunch!

But back to your birthday. This year has seen your relationship with your brother develop into… well I don’t know exactly how to describe it really! You both seem to be constantly treading that fine line that only siblings can where you are simultaneously desperate to be as close to each other as possible but also intent on winding each other up as much as you can. The constant “high tension” atmosphere can be slightly draining if I’m honest but just watching you cuddle up, play nicely together or even play rough and tumble for five minutes (before it all turns sour!!!) is enough to make me remember that I love this relationship that you share even if it is intense at the moment.

For your birthday this year we haven’t planned a major party, thinking that starting school was probably enough excitement to be going on with but we have done a couple of things with family (mostly involving BBQs and cake!). Sometimes I find these low key celebrations to be the best ones though and you absolutely LOVE being home – despite our best efforts to get you to choose a day out, being home with your family and your toys is all you really want and I love that about you.

Happy birthday little man… I can’t believe five is already here but I know you’re going to love it!




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