Forever Living 7 day shake challenge – Day 2

A few weeks ago I took part in a Forever Living 7 day shake challenge. Over the next few days I’ll be posting the blogs I wrote during the challenge in case any of you were thinking of trying it yourselves! I paid for my own shakes and I was not compensated in any way to write these posts – well, other than with a (hopefully) slightly flatter stomach at the end anyway!


So if you read this post here, you’ll know that I had a moment of madness and decided to take part in a Forever Living 7 day shake challenge which involves replacing two of your meals (I chose breakfast and lunch) with the Forever Living shakes. Purely for research purposes you understand, nothing to do with the fact that I am terrified that I will not fit into my bridesmaids dress on Saturday.

It’s probably a slight stretch to call this Day 2 as I only replaced one meal on Day 1 with a shake and promptly relapsed less than hour later by eating a rogue packet of Mini Cheddars from my desk drawer. However, as I am not going to be able to do the full 7 days in a row anyway (due to the aforementioned wedding on Saturday – like I’m missing out on that calorie fest to drink diet shakes!), we’ll go with day two.

I made both of today’s shakes together in one batch to take to work with me. I blitzed a load of berries into it to try and take the edge off the overly sweet flavour I mentioned yesterday, I used blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. It is still a bit sweet for my liking but it definitely made the flavour much more palatable and (hopefully) had the added bonus of bulking it out a bit.

I poured out half of my shake batch to have for breakfast when I got to work along with a big glass of sparkling water (bubbles fill you up right?) In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I attended a meeting later that morning and ate one of those teeny tiny Lotus biscuits that come with hot drinks in cafes. I know it was naughty but it was on the side of my saucer and I couldn’t say no! Other than that though, I survived until lunch and amazingly I wasn’t even ready to kill somebody for a slice of toast.

However, I knew that lunch would be the difficult one. Having not ‘eaten’ all morning, I was so ready for something great to eat for lunch… but unfortunately for me, just another shake awaited. It wasn’t quite as nice the second time around, having been pre-made in the fridge all morning (or maybe I was just already just sick of it haha) but it was still perfectly nice. I had my second shake at around 1:30pm and by around 2:15pm I was just starting to feel the slight fuzzy head/headache that I normally get when I go without food for too long. I must point out that I had also not had any caffeine yet, only 3 large glasses of water and a cup of lemon and ginger (caffeine free) tea so the fuzzy head could also have been a caffeine withdrawal issue.

I did manage to stay strong throughout the afternoon though and once I was past that ‘hungry’ stage I almost forgot that I hadn’t had any proper food all day – I was extremely ready for my dinner that evening though!

Next up…. Hump Day 3!

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