Now you are two {Harry}


So in blogging terms, it really doesn’t seem like long ago that I was posting about your first birthday (it really wasn’t) but tomorrow you turn TWO.  The blog has sort of taken a back seat this year as I’ve been trying to navigate this crazy thing called “life as a full time working mum of two under fives”. That sh!t is ker-aaazzzzyyyy let me tell you. It’s all I can do to make sure everything gets fed/dressed/cleaned as often as it is supposed to!

However you, my gorgeous little Haribo, have surpassed all our  expectations at nursery. You started there straight off five days a week at the (seemingly to us) tiny age of only 16 months and I remember finding it so hard to get my head around the idea of leaving you so young. Sometimes I still feel sad that we didn’t get just a little bit longer but you really do love that nursery. We thought your brother loved it – and he did in his own, typically more reserved way – but you really love it. In typical Harry fashion, with your whole heart and very loudly and stubbornly. Most days it is hard to get you to leave.


To me, you have already seemed like a two year old for a very long time with your amazing understanding of the world you live in, fairly impressive vocabulary which already includes full sentences and just general ‘grown-upness’… I guess that’s what comes of having an older sibling. Generally you are cheekier and far harder work than your older brother has ever been – in fact, as I write this having just put you both to bed, you are up above me shrieking with rage because I refused to read ‘just one more’ story, despite having already read three extra. That’s you though – you’ve got us all wrapped around your little finger, the baby of our family.

Your birthday this year has been joined up with your (exceptionally late) christening so we decided to do another nice party for you in our garden with family and a few friends – thankfully we were lucky with the weather again! Got to love a June birthday. This year your cake had to wear two hats  so for the bottom tier I did a more traditional blue christening cake, and then the top tier was ‘Ben and Holly’ themed for your birthday as that is your favourite programme at the moment. All in all, we kept things fairly simple again… but more and more I’m learning that the best parties are usually like that!


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