Oh yeah. I totally am. As Harry’s second birthday approaches I know it will only get worse as that’s  the age Oliver was when I got pregnant with Harry. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I think that we would be on an immediate mission to get Bun #3 in the oven as quickly as possible. Sadly, real life and being sensible (two of my most hated words!) mean it’s not quite time for us yet. Much as I’d love to just go with it and believe that it will all come right, we worked too hard to claw our way onto the property ladder in 2014 to have it spoiled by stretching our finances too far, too soon. You’d better believe that as soon as the maths comes right, we’ll be planning to get another baby on board!

It’s a funny feeling though… even thinking about planning for what you know (or at least what you think you know) will be your last baby. I would never say never, especially not at my age (I’m only 28!) but I have always felt fairly confident that three would be my ‘magic’ number and thankfully I was lucky enough to find someone who felt the same way. So while although in one way I would love another baby as soon as possible, another part of me kind of wants to eke it out as long as I can because after that my baby baking days will almost definitely be over *sniff*.

No more bump, no more scans, no more baby kicks, no more preparing for a tiny new person by washing clothes and getting everything down from the loft again. And once they’ve outgrown and out-used those things…. no more packing it back up in the loft again! David can’t wait for this but I think for me that will be the worst part of all…. letting go of all the much used and much loved baby paraphernalia that I have always so lovingly packed and stored away for next time. We’re not even there yet and I already can’t imagine there not being a ‘next time’.

But, as always I am getting way ahead of myself. I guess all I will be able to do when the time comes is try and make sure I enjoy every single moment (even the crappy ones) as much as possible  because pregnancy and those first few baby months before you blink and realise you’ve actually got a toddler again, are over with so quickly.

Oh and if anyone is wondering…. we will definitely NOT be finding out the gender next time! To anyone who thinks I am desperate for a girl (I’m not) and will cave in (I won’t!)…. I’ve given it a lot of thought and I feel really strongly that if I’m lucky enough to be able to do this journey one more time, I want to try and do everything that I have not done or been able to do with the first two if at all possible. And that includes a water birth and a gender surprise 🙂

In the meantime…. bring on the wine!!!


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