Returning to work…. it’s that time again!

It doesn’t seem five minutes since I was writing this post.

And yet, here we are again. Once again I am returning to work. It feels a little scarier this time for a couple of reasons, the main one being that Harry is younger… only 16 months. I know that is super old compared to the age that some babies have to start nursery but Oliver was almost two years old when he started and seemed so much less of a baby (I think you always see your second born as more of a baby than they really are though!) It also feels scary because, unlike last time when I returned to a different position at the same company I had worked at for six years pre-kids (since I was 19!), this time I will be working at a whole new company. Eeep! Exciting but nerve-wracking!

I think the idea of returning to work full time is more daunting when you have two (or more) children to work around, rather than just one. I really hope the balance doesn’t feel off! However we need the money and I need (a tiny bit of!) my sanity so it makes sense for us right now. I also think that, regardless of whether or not we decide to have baby number three further down the road, it’s time to try and reclaim a little bit of a career and life for myself – I have found that it seems to be much easier for me to lose myself in the fog of being mummy now that I have two and I don’t really like the way I’m often feeling at the moment, a bit lost and directionless in an endless cycle of meal times, wiping, changing, cleaning and tidying.

Harry has started at the same nursery that Oliver attended for almost two years when I returned to work before and he has already settled really well – of course we have a few tears at drop off time but he is happily eating, sleeping and playing there which is great after only a few days. His first full week is next week (I start work on Tuesday) but I couldn’t be happier that he is going there, our nursery has been fantastic for both our boys and almost feels like leaving them with family which makes me feel so much better about going back.

So it is now T-minus two days until I jump back into the world of office work and as always, the most important question going through my head is….

What will I wear?????


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