Now you are four {Oliver}

Apologies for the delay in this post, it has taken me until now to edit the photos!


Four is a scary age because, at least in my mind, it means that your toddler years are well and truly over. When I had a three year old, I could still pretend to myself that I was the mummy of a toddler but now I must face the facts – I am the mother of a four year old child.

The last few months with you have been tougher than normal and these are words I never thought I’d hear myself say about you. I had honestly convinced myself that we had passed all the ‘usual’ trouble spots and that I was just never going to get any from you – naive I know! It is like you have just suddenly decided to go through your terrible twos and your threenage year in the last few weeks before your birthday and I have found it challenging when my sweet, well behaved little 3 year old has suddenly decided he doesn’t want to listen to word anybody says. It feels like I have shouted more, lost my temper more and just generally everything ‘more’ during this time than in the whole rest of your life so far and I have to admit that I am looking forward to and hoping that your return to preschool will bring some structure back into our lives and also some of the loveliness that I have been missing about you lately.

All of that said – we’ve had a great first summer holidays and managed to fit in quite a lot of fun stuff. I was so excited to round off your first summer holidays with your birthday party this weekend and also excited to plan a cake for you as awesome as your brother’s – so here are some photos from your special day.


You woke up to your biggest present (which embarassingly wasn’t even from us!) and you and your brother sat in it watching TV for the rest of the morning while daddy and I got your little party ready!






Your brother got ‘drunk’ on stolen Fruit Shoot 😉



The grande finale was of course your much anticipated cake. I hope it did not disappoint!


Happy 4th birthday beautiful boy – I can’t believe how big you are getting and can’t help feeling relived that we have another ‘practice’ year before taking the next big leap towards big school next September!

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