Now you are one {Harry}

harry_birthday_bwMy boys with their lovely cousins and first best friends

First off, I think poor Harry deserves an apology. His first year has passed by in a flash and almost completely undocumented here (he is now actually almost 14 months!) but I like to think that is because I have been too busy enjoying him. The experience of being a second time mum has been a strange one – you’d think that having done it before, all of the firsts and milestones would be less exciting, however in my experience the opposite has been true. I have been watching and soaking up everything Harry does with complete amazement because this time I have the advantage of hindsight and I know just how fast this stage (and all the others after it) will go.

Those early, sleepless newborn days seemed much more bearable for knowing that they are so quickly in the past, all the difficult parts seemed so much easier for knowing how many good times there will be to look forward to. I would even go as far as to say that I’ve enjoyed my first year as Harry’s mummy more than my first year as Oliver’s purely because I’ve been able to see things more objectively without that ‘first time parent’ exhausted, worried haze clouding over everything. Obviously our experience with Oliver was slightly a-typical (premature baby, reflux etc.) but I think I probably would have felt this way regardless. I’ve been lucky, both my boys have been easy as pie growing up so far but this time around I have really been able to appreciate that fact.

Anyway. I wanted to document our little celebration for Harry’s first birthday. We kept it super simple (yet another contrast between first and second child haha!) and just had a meal out with family, followed by some garden time with all of my boys’ cousins at our house and (of course) a birthday cake!!

The birthday boy devoured his very own croissant for breakfast (talk about a messy start to the day!) followed by a few presents.






harry_birthday_chairChair by my good friend @lollingtons

We went for a lunchtime meal with David’s family to the local Smith and Western restaurant which is a favourite of ours – I only managed to get one picture of Harry in his birthday boy crown before he pulled it off!


The meal was lovely (more mess but at least I didn’t have to clean this one!) and then we headed back to ours for birthday cake and some garden fun!





I was pretty pleased with how my cake turned out… it was time consuming to make though! I am already planning Oliver’s 4th birthday cake for next month (gulp!) so I hope it turns out as well!

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