Siblings [September] – The birthday edition

siblings_septemberIn four days time, my biggest boy will turn 3.

Three. It seems like such a grown up age, really more of a child than a toddler. His grown up-ness is forever being highlighted by his little brother, who turned 3 months a few days ago.

Three months and three years. My two boys, who are already fast on the road to becoming little buddies for life (I hope!)

This month sees Harry really reciprocating (in his own way) some of Oliver’s affection. He saves his hugest gummy smiles for his big brother and you can already tell he’s besotted – his eyes never leave him when he’s in the room and he will wake from the deepest sleep at the sound of Oliver’s excited chatter when arriving home from nursery (not always a good thing!)

Now that Harry has already (practically) outgrown 3-6 month clothes and is quite happily filling out 6-9 from most shops, I am resisting the urge to dress them ‘matching’… particularly from my favourite place to shop for both of them, Next. However I couldn’t resist these T-shirts and technically they aren’t matching so…. 😉

In next months ‘Siblings’ I will have a fully fledged 3 year old and a 4 month old who may even be able to roll…. help me!!

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