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I wrote this a few months ago but have only just gotten around to formatting/editing etc. Although I was not given a formal deadline for this review, I do feel terrible that it’s taken so long – what can I say, pregnancy sent my blogging motivation off on a long walk… it feels good to be back!

My baby brain is becoming a bit of a ‘thing’ this pregnancy. I never really suffered with this affliction last time, I suppose it’s probably a combination of factors making it worse this time – less rest, more to think about, constant toddler demands to contend with… still, doing daft things like leaving your credit card at the petrol station really ought to be avoided at all costs.

I also blame baby brain for my lack of blogging. It’s not that I don’t have the subject matter, it’s more that my head can’t figure out where to start, how to get started or when to make the time to write when so much else – namely real life – is going on.

Basically the first two paragraphs of this post are just a longwinded excuse for why it’s taken me nearly five months (yes I am hanging my head in shame) to thank the gorgeous folk at Mama.licious and Bestseller UK for my beautiful maternity gifts.


I am lucky enough to be able to call a very talented photographer one of my best friends – Caroline Stead of CS Photos. Having already roped her into doing a bump shoot with me (more on that later!), I also asked her to take a snap of me in my Mama.licious stuff, although if I’m honest I’m surprised the jeans have survived long enough to be in a picture – I’ve pretty much worn them every single non-working day since they arrived (no I’m not a complete tramp, I do occasionally wash them!)

They are an amazing fit and I’m loving the dirty wash look they have going on too. I always struggle finding any jeans (never mind maternity ones) with a long enough leg length for me – the pair I was sent is just a standard size 10 but they’re plenty long enough for me and my 34” pins. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ‘oh so attractive’ over-the-bump jersey panel as I’m usually an under-the-bump kind of girl but I think it’s safe to say I have been well and truly won over by these. Sooooo comfy for my baby bump and the occasional Domino’s pizza bump. I would definitely recommend making Mama.licious your first stop for maternity jeans in particular – I had another pair while pregnant with Oliver and I barely wore anything else for 8 months!


Top (similar) // Jeans (similar) – Mama.licious

Stripes anyone? This top is probably the comfiest thing I own. It’s. So. Soft. It’s a bit more casual than I normally wear so I haven’t gotten as much use out of it as I have the jeans but it’s still a lovely top for those with a more laid back style. For me it’s been a great weekend top on the days I bother to take my pyjamas off and if you’re suffering with itchy or sensitive skin with your pregnancy, this top is a bit like wearing a nice soft blanket and definitely won’t irritate it any more. In fact, my only gripe with this top is that it’s quite short. It may be down to my height but I’m not that tall (only 5 foot 8″) and I think by the time I reach about 35 weeks I’ll probably have quite a bit of bump hanging out (I did!) so unfortunately this top will most likely be relegated to the ‘too small’ box earlier on than I would have hoped (it was).

The final piece of this outfit (unfortunately not pictured) was a great big snuggly, oatmeal coloured cardigan. This item of clothing is another reason why I wanted to put off writing this review for a while – when the clothes arrived I was only about twenty weeks and sporting a not very impressive bump so this cardigan just made me look massively chunky. However I knew this was the fault of my bump, not the cardigan so I waited – and lo and behold, at 30 weeks I have discovered that I was right and it now highlights my bump beautifully, especially thanks to the skinny brown leather belt it comes accessorised with. It’s lovely and warm too, so now that the spring has (tentatively) sprung, I have been wearing it work instead of a coat. Yay for no coats!!


Oatmeal maternity cardigan – Mama.licious

So. That is my outfit today. All I can say is that I love it, and I desperately hope that those jeans continue to fit me for my final trimester (they did!) as I’ve pretty much completely stopped wearing any of my other (quite frankly inferior) pairs. Now that’s love.

I was sent this outfit for the purpose of the review by Bestseller PR but believe me when I say, you can’t make up the love I have for it – particularly the jeans!!

Thank you so much to my good friend Caroline of CS Photos for taking the photo for me at my bump shoot, which we will be featuring in another post very soon!

Did I mention that I love the jeans? Oh right…

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