Almost 34 weeks…

Hi strangers! Yes I know it’s been a while. I’ve got a few things I need to get posted here soon but it seemed wrong for my ‘big comeback’ post (it won’t be. I won’t write again after this for another six weeks!) to be some sort of review or even a fab post for a good cause (clue – think purple!) so I thought I’d get a quick post in just to say hi and remind you of my existence, not to mention a long overdue Splodge update.

I am currently very aware that a massive pregnancy landmark is looming ahead next week – 34 weeks and 3 days – otherwise known as ‘The day Oliver decided to defy all the rules and be born’. Tomorrow (34 weeks exactly) is the night my pains started. Although I know it is unlikely (and my gut is telling me) that this baby will not do the same, it is strange nevertheless to imagine a pregnancy of mine continuing beyond this point. How big will I get? How uncomfortable will I be? How will I deal with waiting for my due date? It’s all unchartered territory from here on out folks! I feel like a first time mum again!

One huge deal about reaching Sunday is that Splodge can be born at my lovely local hospital from then on. Our little hospital is slowly having lots of its facilities closed or reduced (which is why I had to travel to a further away hospital for my ectopic treatment) so the SCBU only takes in babies born past 34 weeks as they no longer have the facilities/equipment to deal with any earlier. It’s a shame but that’s how things are with the NHS these days I suppose. Anyway I’ve been quietly panicking about having to deliver our baby at a faraway hospital (as if having a baby that early wouldn’t already be stressful enough) so I’m happy to have almost reached 34 weeks. My next goal is 37 weeks – no prematurity means no SCBU (hopefully!) which means I can hold my baby straight away! This is an experience I am really desperate to have so I’ll be sitting with my legs firmly crossed for the next three weeks!

A ton of other stuff has happened since I was last here (pregnancy related and non) but I think setting myself the impossible task of trying to catch up is a bit silly so I have to assume that if it’s important enough, it will pop up in a later post. Hopefully I’ll be back more frequently in the coming weeks (before dropping off the face of the earth again when baby Splodge is born!)

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Hi my name is Bells... mummy blogger extraordinaire... or not. I mostly blog about my family life, with a bit of fashion, beauty and baking thrown in. Oh and I love pink. So yeah, I'm pretty much just your typical teenage girl.... except I'm a fully grown adult and mum of three. Doh.

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  1. Hey dear! I can’t believe how quickly your pregnancy is going. Here’s to keeping that bun in the over for at least another 3 weeks. You can do it! Hope you’re well <3

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