Happy Valentines Day

Or as I like to to call it, ‘Happy half anniversary!’

We aren’t really ones for making a massive fuss of Valentines Day because we are too lazy why should we only celebrate our love on one pre-assigned day??

However, this year we have both got the day off work (I had it off anyway so I convinced David to take it off with me) and while Oliver is at nursery, we are going on a lunch date! Yes, a proper grown-up persons’ lunch date… with separate courses and not a crayon or plastic train in sight. I am excited.

We are going to a restaurant that I love on the Epsom Downs called The Derby Arms (I have celebrated many a birthday of mine there and no, I am not being paid to mention them or for going there :p) and we have booked their fancy Valentine’s Day menu. I don’t normally bother with that sort of thing, thinking them overpriced and rubbish but I think under £30 for four courses and a glass of champagne is actually pretty good and the food looked yummy. I suppose the champagne sorbet is the closest I’ll be getting to any alcohol though! *sigh*

What do you all think of Valentines Day? An excuse to go out or a waste of time/money? Either way… Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Ps… I may or may not have dropped a few hints about this particular shop and it’s gorgeous Valentines Day display but after my rather impressive Christmas present (which I’m typing on right now!) I think they may have fallen on deaf ears! Oh well, it’s my birthday next month…

Happy Valentines Day - Pandora shop

PPS… I may also have forgotten to even get David a card. I blame baby brain.

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