Our new addition… 16 weeks and 6 days

I wrote this yesterday. This morning, we had a gender scan.

“Today is my last day of ignorance. My last day of not knowing. The last day that I can have hope in one direction or another. By the time I post this, we should know whether Splodge is a boy or a girl. We decided to book a gender scan weeks ago, I think we both just wanted to know as soon as possible so we could get used to the idea, whichever way it goes. So I wanted to capture my feelings on this last amazing day of not knowing, where the possibility is everything.

There’s no point in lying to myself and all of you by saying that I don’t have a preference and all I want is a healthy baby, blah blah blah. Of course that is what I want most of all but I also want a little girl, everybody knows that so I may as well acknowledge the fact here. I’ve imagined a scenario a million times over where tomorrow we get told that Splodge is another little boy. In my imaginings, I am never more than marginally disappointed and then fairly immediately reconcile myself to the idea, choose a name and start planning a second little boy nursery. I have no idea if that’s how I’ll feel tomorrow or if I’ll feel more upset? I really don’t want to be and if I am, I know I’ll also be so disappointed in myself for spoiling this next step in getting to know the new little person joining our family.

Still, I guess you can’t trick your own mind into not caring about something can you? Part of me wonders if we should have made the decision not to find out at all, as I don’t want to ruin the rest of my pregnancy and I know that I would never be disappointed once Splodge is actually born but the control freak in me could never wait that long to find out haha!

PS – I would hope this goes without saying but yes I am and will be hugely grateful for my children, regardless of gender and I know that some will view this post as petty and ungrateful. However, it’s just what’s in my head today and I know it will have absolutely no bearing in 5 months’ time so if you’ve a mind to comment in a nasty way, please don’t!”

Reading this back, it’s like deep down I knew what was coming. Either that or I was just trying to avoid feeling disappointed. I hate even using that word about this. Disappointed. Like I’m just so shallow. Another gorgeous little boy is joining our family and I don’t want any negative emotions attached to it but there we go. Anyway, it’s nothing that choosing a fabulous name and doing a little bit of blue retail therapy won’t fix, I know that 🙂

Any reassuring words for me from mummies of two (or more!) boys?


Our gorgeous new boy with his mouth open to shout “Hello!”


Looks like we’ve got another exhibitionist on our hands…. 😉

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7 thoughts on “Our new addition… 16 weeks and 6 days

  1. Hello my friend, it is unusual for me to find out how a close friend of mine feels through reading her blog, however, this seems to be the case. I wonder if this is because I have two boys and a GUB (Gender Unidentified Baby) on the way! I can understand your feelings, though mine differed from yours with my second son. I was apprehensive at the thought of a daughter as my son would have, in my mind, a closer bond and play mate for life in a brother, my husband is very close to his brother with a similar 3 year age gap and I feared that any larger gaps between two boys may risk the close relationship I hoped for with my son and his potential brother. I also had in the back of my mind that while I do want a daughter, eventually, my husband and I had already discussed having a large family so another baby would be on the cards in the future to possibly fulfil this desire. I was prepared for my second not to be a boy however and reconciled this thought with the thought of having one of each sex and a pink shipping opportunity. Being a girly girl I would have been happy with this outcome, but I was ecstatic to find out my son was getting his brother this time around. My two boys are a gift and a joy and seeing their unbreakable bond fills my heart each day with pride and joy in watching their games and my eldest’s protective nature over his brother and best friend. My husband is over the moon to have two votes for football on the telly! I still have 6 weeks before I can find out the sex of this one, although we will probably wait 10 weeks until the usual scan, but I can honestly say I do not have a single preference as to sex this time around. It would be equally exciting for a third boy to run around with my growing football team knowing that should it be that way a further child is not out of the question or a little girl as my boys have each other and I would get my little doll to dress in pink, who knows! Good luck to you, your husband and two little boys, I wish you all the joy we have! X

    1. Hello 🙂 i know i will not mind at all in the end, I’ve already done a little bit of cheeky blue shopping for this little one and I know Oliver will love having a brother. A third baby is still a possibility for us although I’m not sure at this point so maybe i’ll still get my girl… or maybe I won’t. Either way I’m still so grateful for my two boys (although this may not sound like it!) and if that’s all I have then I’m still very lucky!! Can’t wait to find out what you’re having!! See you soon xx ps – catch up needed, let me know when you’re free for me to pop in one lunchtime and see you!! x

  2. I know exactly how you feel. When I was pregnant with Isaac I desperately wanted a girl and my friend at work was due the same time. She had her scan before me and was pregnant with a girl and from then I prepared myself for news I was having a boy and funnily enough there wasn’t the slightest bit of disappointment when we found out he was blue.
    When I was pregnant with Eliza I had resigned myself to another blue one so got the shock of my life when they told me she was pink. I did make them double check!
    Fast forward to my pregnancy with Sebastian – I was convinced he was a girl as I was really poorly like I was with Eliza. We had lots of problems with the pregnancy and although I wanted a girl to even up the numbers after having various tests for genetic problems all I wanted in the end was a healthy baby. Finding out he was fine was the best present and we all adore him – Eliza just has 4 brothers to keep an eye on her and chase off any unsavoury boys when she is older!

  3. Obviously, I don’t have kids, but I can see where you it’s hard when you want something, and get something else. And that’s OK to feel disappointed. I don’t know any woman who, deep down, really doesn’t want one over the other. And if they say “Oh, I just want them to be healthy!!!!!” they are lying.
    when my sis was preggers, I wanted it to be a girl, and when we were shopping in Nordstrom, I grabbed the most expensive Jimmy Choo, rubbed it on her belly, and willed that baby to be a girl so Aunt Marla could spoil her with dresses and makeup. Well, she had a boy. And I LOVE and ADORE PJ, and I spoil him rotten with Thomas the Trains. Boys are fun! And think what an amazing big brother Oliver will be, teaching him the ropes!
    Congrats! <3

    1. I think it’s a little harsh to claim that women who do not have a particular preference over the sex of their unborn baby are lying. We are all different and we all have our own opinions and our own feelings. You are very entitled to yours as are the women who don’t express a particular desire for one sex or another. At the end of the day as all us mothers would agree the health is the most important factor for our children, anything else (if you have a preference) is just a bonus.

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