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Today I’m bringing you a lovely Christmas guest post from my two favourite beauty bloggers (well actually just one of them!), Lauren from Stylingo!! Rest assured that I will be accidentally leaving my phone, iPad and computer all open on this post in the hopes that the man in my life takes the hint (if you’re reading this dear… you’ve had your orders so I’d better be pleased on Christmas Day!) *ahem*


Hello lovely ladies! I’m Lauren and I blog over at Stylingo with Claire, where you can usually find us wittering on about clothes, makeup and everything in between. We’ve been blogging pals with Bells since we started our blogging career back in May and have loved reading, her posts on a regular basis. SO, we’re super happy she’s let us loose on Bells Little Ones today and we are bringing you a festive post!

You might be thinking why on earth would you write a gift guide for mums on a mum blog. You would hope the mums of this world wouldn’t have to buy Christmas pressies for themselves (although lets be honest, we all do it from time to time). BUT, I have an ingenious idea to nudge the men/children in our lives in the right direction of the perfect present. The idea is to strategically place this gift guide in locations they may stumble upon it. Some ideas include the living room, their bedrooms or if you’re feeling creative – your significant other’s sleeping body, so you can wake them up by poking them in the eyeball to get their undivided attention.

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration of what you may want to coerce your family into buying you for Christmas or to buy for your own mum – here are some of the things I’m thinking about for Christmas.

Christmas Gift Guide For Mums

1. Annabella Collection bracelet from Gemporia. How beautiful is this bracelet? Nevermind buying for my mum, I think I might just keep this one for myself. Those lovely blue beads are actually Peruvian Chalcedony (I don’t know what that is either) gemstones and there is Russian Apatite in there too. This is definitely a ‘wow’ pressie and I think husbands/boyfriends will earn lots of brownie points if their lovely ladies opened this on Christmas Day!
Price: £66.00
Where: the Gemporia website.

2. Love Me b.right Gift Set from Benefit. Every mum deserves having some excellent skincare and these bottles would look fab on a dressing table. I’ve used Porefessional before and I love it – so would definitely recommend buying it for the mum in your life.
Price: £39.50
Where: Debenhams, Benefit counters

3. Kindle from Amazon. I’m usually the type to buy people books for Christmas because they’re easy and everyone likes a bit of Martina Cole, right? But I think Kindle’s are brilliant and an excellent present that any book-lover would appreciate.
Price: £100
Where: Amazon

4. Cream purse from River Island. I always find that purses are one of those things that I never really think of buying for myself – my mum is definitely the same. At the same time, a new purse is an absolute failsafe, particularly with a classic one like this one.
Price: £17
Where: River Island

5. Artisan Stand Mixer from KitchenAid. Hands up anyone else who is feeling a huge cake-shaped Great British Bake Off hole in their lives. The KitchenAid mixers are so lovely, I think I’d make cakes every day if I owned one – and hopefully so would my mum, so I could spend less time baking and more time munching.
Price: £379 – £429.
Where: John Lewis.

6. Phone case from Cath Kidston. Speak to anyone of the female gender and they will probably say that they love things from Cath Kidston. With such cute designs and covering a huge range of products, this is another failsafe that would be perfect for Christmas. It’s practical too, because let’s all be honest – dropping our phones is a regular activity.
Price: £24.95
Where: Cath Kidston

7. Core Collection Brush Set from Real Techniques. Hailed by bloggers and beauty lovers alike, Real Techniques brushes are known for their quality and brilliant prices. This set has all of their best and most useful brushes and would make a great gift for a mum who’s into makeup.
Price: £21.99
Where: Boots, Amazon.

8. Vanilla Chai Candle from Yankee Candles. Another failsafe present – almost everyone loves a Yankee Candle. They smell so amazing and last for ages, so they’re definitely a winner. I’ve picked the Vanilla Chai one because my mum loves chai tea, but with so many fragrances to choose from – there’s bound to be one to suit your own mum (or of course, to drop hints for).
Price: £19.99
Where: Yankee Candle website, any Yankee store.

9. Fur Collar from New Look. This is actually something that I’ve had my eye on myself (and that Claire actually already owns), but it’s another classic that would suit any wardrobe. Ideal for winter and 100% better than getting a boring wool scarf, I don’t think you can go far wrong with this.
Price: £12.99
Where: New Look.

So ladies, those are my Christmas ideas for mums in a nutshell. What do you think? Is there anything you’ll be putting on your Christmas list or buying for your mum?

Thanks again to Bells for letting us post on her lovely blog! Keep your eyes peeled for her guest post on Stylingo and give us a follow on Twitter to keep up to date with our news and antics.

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