Raising for Grayson

A few of you loyal readers who have stuck around through the work induced blogging drought we are currently experiencing here at Bells’ Little Ones, may have noticed a new link in my menu recently recently.

Raising for Grayson.

As you all know, I am part of the Emma’s Diary blogging team. I met all of these lovely ladies for real earlier this year at the Cybher blogging conference in London (amazing doesn’t even describe that day, I can’t wait for next year if I can afford to go!) and it was really fab to put some names to the faces and take those friendships forged online up to a new level.

Those of you who read and love Innocent Charms Chats will already know Kara and probably be fully aware of her son Grayson’s story. If you don’t/aren’t, I suggest you head over there now and get yourselves clued up! She will tell it far better than I ever could but in a nutshell, Grayson in a SWAN – he suffers from a Syndrome Without a Name which is extremely rare. Bizarrely, I first wrote about Grayson in this blog a long time ago in this post, having no idea how well I would end up knowing Kara and her gorgeous little son (not to mention her beautiful daughter and scrummy new addition!).

Anyway, the ED team decided we wanted to help raise £3000 to get Grayson a Leckey walker which he deserves and needs to be able to walk. Grayson took his first amazing steps with the aid of this walker whilst it was being loaned to him and that’s pretty special! So we came up with a plan. The Raising For Grayson plan.

Some of us are climbing Mount Snowdon, some of us are are doing the London to Windsor cycle ride. Some of us are busy growing new life (not me!) or being lazy (definitely me!) and so have volunteered to take care of things ‘behind the scenes’. Between us, we’re a pretty good team 🙂

Raising For Grayson

If you’d like to help or donate, please feel free to connect with us and use hashtag #teamR4G!

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