Proof positive [Pregnancy #4]

So we’ve made it this far. This morning at around 6am, something made me take another test… despite having had a negative three days before… and there was a line. Faint but clear and strong enough to photograph, even with the dodgy 6am light.


So once again, I have been proven right. Four out of four isn’t bad people 🙂

According to my LMP dates I am four weeks and two days pregnant today. I will be ringing my Early Pregnancy Unit later so they can get my scan dates sorted, although I suspect it won’t be for a couple of weeks (I doubt there’d be much to see before then, would there?)

Until then everyone think lucky thoughts for our little Splodge in there (theoretically speaking anyway – I won’t be posting this until I’m 12 weeks which seems a lifetime away right now!)

In the meantime, here are the stats….

Date of last period – 3rd September 2013
Date next period due – 1st October 2013
Date of first BFP – 3rd October 2013
Current number of weeks – 12 weeks and 4 days
‘Change of week’ day – Sunday (again!)
DUE DATE – 15th June 2014!!

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