How to create a jungle theme party

You could say we go a tad overboard on Oliver’s birthday. For his first birthday, we ended up having three parties – one with my family ‘up North’, one with our friends and one with David’s family and all the kids we know. That was stressful, let me tell you (I am never again baking three birthday cakes) so this year we decided to mash all three together, invite around 60 people into our (very average sized!) home and have a hog roast.

So here’s how to create a jungle theme party in your house!

How to create a jungle theme party

We decided to base the party loosely around the childrens book ‘Dear Zoo’ as it’s one of Oliver’s favourites. I suppose I was a little bit inspired by the range of party stuff available that is based on the book… although they only ended up being rather a small part of the party overall in the end!



I made jungle themed party bags with bubbles, sweets, stickers and a small monkey toy.

I also created an ice cream bar with different toppings…




Jars | Sweet scoops | Tubs | Ice cream spoons

… and jungle cupcakes, both of which disappeared rather quickly!

Now for the best part…. the actual jungle!!



We spent hours, with the help of some friends, cutting out the hundreds of leaves we had printed off the internet onto green paper – I know strictly speaking they aren’t proper jungle leaves but the adults were too impressed to care and the kids were totally oblivious so I don’t think it mattered 🙂 Oh and if you’re wondering about the green netting covering all the walls… it’s stuff that David uses on his allotment (yes we’re old and he has an allotment which looks rather like a jungle itself at the moment!) that we bought off eBay and we just pinned it up using picture hooks!

Oliver’s amazing godmother completely outdid herself making the three jungle trees, complete with details (the ladybird family of three is us!) and they really made the jungle as impressive as it was. She used the inside tubes from rolls of carpet (as in, she actually went to a carpet shop and asked for them!) and covered them in brown parcel paper for the trunks.




Another amazing friend of mine made Oliver’s beautiful cake… I am lazy gave myself a year off this year and decided to leave it to the professionals – if you love the cake, you can find its beautiful creator on Twitter at @thelaracake.


Luckily we managed to borrow a marquee off David’s parents so, despite the crappy weather we were still able to use the back garden (Thank GOD. We’d have never fitted that many people in the house!) It wasn’t quite as impressive as the indoors but pretty festive looking all the same and, more importantly thanks the the hog roast, it was really warm out there too!


So. Did I go too far? Is that even possible? What sort of things you do for your little ones birthdays?

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