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Sometimes I find myself looking back through all the photos and unable to believe how much a baby changes in their first year. Of course people constantly change throughout their lives and in children it is even more obvious but somehow…

…there is nothing like that first year.

In just twelve short months they go from being a newborn baby weighing just a few pounds and completely unable to do anything, even smile…. to being a proper little (probably) walking, (possibly) talking person. I think that’s pretty incredible and although I do have all my photos to look at whenever I like, I wanted something that would truly show just how much my baby has changed in those 12 months.

When you register with Emma’s Diary, you get a complimentary £15 voucher towards a Bonusprint photo book at Bonusprint. I decided to use my voucher to document Oliver’s first year. As soon as I found a spare five minutes (those are few and far between these days, believe me!) I hopped online and went straight to the Bonusprint website . At first I thought their online photo book software looked a little complicated (but then I thought that about WordPress when I first joined up and look at me now!) but I soon got the hang of it and it’s hugely flexible. You can design the layout of every single page of your book, including the front and back covers and they can all be totally different. Text or no text? Which font? What size? Wonky photos or straight? The choices are endless!!

My finished product arrived looking like this.

Bonusprint complimentary photo book with Emma's Diary - pages

Complimentary Bonusprint photo book with Emma's Diary - Back cover

I’m completely in love with it and the best bit of all – it’s more compact than I expected it to be which means I can keep it in my handbag to look at whenever I like (especially when I’m full of mummy guilt while at work) and bore show other people all the time too!

Fancy making one of these yourself? You can get a complimentary £15 voucher towards you own Bonusprint Photo Book when you register with Emma’s Diary. Prices start from just £6.99 and creation is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Go to to select which size and shape
photo book you would like to create

2. Choose to create your book online or offline and simply
upload your favourite pictures

3. Order your book and enter your voucher code at checkout

**I was sent this voucher for the purpose of the Bonusprint photo book review**

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