Dark chocolate and blueberry oaty muffins… yes, I am a genius


Does anybody remember this post? They looked good didn’t they?

While having a quiet, relaxing, family Sunday afternoon in a freshly cleaned house, I started messing around in the kitchen. I knew I had to bake something for David (and probably me now!) to take to work with him each day and I was fairly sure he was probably sick to death of the banana loaf I’ve been sending him in with for… ohhh I don’t know, approximately a billion years. So I decided to switch things up. That’s me though… ker-aaaaazzzzyyyy!!

To make these muffins, all I did was adapt ‘my’ original recipe (which in turn was stolen adapted from a Sainsbury’s recipe card) and replace the bananas with roughly 100g of blueberries and 100g of dark chocolate.


If you did everything right, around half an hour later you should end up with this.




These are best enjoyed with a cup of tea, a magazine and a sofa. No toddlers allowed (just kidding… or am I?)

Who else has a good weekend recipe (preferably an unhealthy one!) to share?

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