Children Who Are Better Dressed Than Me

Didn’t I promise I’d keep you all entertained while I was away? I’m nice like that 🙂 So today we have a guest post from the lovely Claire at Stylingo, if you like your fashion and beauty with a side of banter, this is definitely a blog to add to your list!!

Hello there, all lovely readers of Bell’s Little Ones! I’m Claire and I blog over at UK fashion and beauty blog Stylingo (if you like your makeup and high street fashion with a touch of added ridiculousness, then be sure to check us out and say hello). Today I’m guest-posting on Bell’s blog and have decided it would be appropriate to talk about celebrity kids who are much more fashionable than me.

I suppose we shouldn’t hold it against them personally – they probably got their first stylist when they got their first dummies – but I’m still jealous of the silly little mites. I think it should be a worldwide law that you have to spend your childhood years dressed like a short idiot. Sailor suits and horrible matching ensembles with your siblings (yes, even if they are three years older than you) (not that I’m bitter or anything) are key parts of growing up. The only reason that photos of you as a child exist is basically so they can be used to embarrass you when you’re older. Am I right, or AM I RIGHT? Tip: I’m right.

With all that being said, here are some of the trendiest children on the planet right now. Let’s all look at them in a slightly sulky fashion and mutter something about ‘lost childhoods’.

Suri Cruise

American actress Katie Holmes famously went through a style transformation when she hooked up with the incredibly mad Tom Cruise. She went from simple girl-next-door to fashionista almost overnight – largely credited to the new BFF she acquired at the time in the form of Victoria Beckham. So when she popped a sprog out in 2006, everybody knew that it would be an extremely well-dressed little child. I don’t think any of us could have predicted quite how amazingly turned out little Suri would constantly be, however. This girl puts me to real shame! With beautifully coordinated outfits and a cute handbag frequently slung over her arm, she is a style icon in her own right. In fact, there are a number of blogs dedicated to Suri’s style (I’ll leave you to form your own opinions on whether this is a little weird or not).

Kids Suri Cruise
Image Source

The Beckham Sons

When I was young’un, there was always the occasional little girl I knew who was surprisingly well-dressed. But as for the boys, they were generally little ragamuffins covered in grass stains and random streaks of baked bean sauce. Of course, no child of footballing hero and all-round stud muffin David Beckham and Posh Spice was going to suffer that same fate. Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are all impeccably dressed little mini-men. HOW sharp do they look in this photo? Not to sound pervey, but most men my own age couldn’t look that good in a suit. I’m starting to think that Victoria Beckham may have some sort of magical influence over children that makes them automatically dress well. God damn it Vicky B, where were you when my mum was dressing me in orange and black checked trousers from C&A?!

I’m not purposefully forgetting the Beckhams’ daughter Harper Seven, by the way. She is always photographed in the cutest little outfits, but has so far remained quite conservatively dressed (no Suri-esque heels yet). However, I will be very intrigued to see how she turns out as she gets older. With VB for a role model, how can she not be fabulous?

Kids Beckham Boys
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Willow Smith

Wow, this girl just deserves her own collage. It has been a fact since the 90s that Will Smith is the coolest person on the planet. Anyone that made sideways baseball caps and inside-out blazers look good was always destined to father fashionable offspring, but Will’s daughter with Jada Pinkett-Smith is just in another league. Willow is only 13 years old but has been making headlines with her bold fashion statements for years already. I’m bitter that she can pull off looks that I never could in a million years, but to be honest I thought her song ‘Whip My Hair Back and Forth’ was an absolute banger so I can’t help but love her.

Kids Willow

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What do you all think about these mini fashionistas? Were you this well-dressed when you were younger, or do you think childhood should be a time of wardrobe shame?

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