Sofa beds and round chairs

One thing that’s managed to completely escape being mentioned here is my parents visiting over the Easter weekend. They were here partly because, being a long weekend, it was an obvious time to come and partly because my birthday fell on Easter Sunday this year. We had a lovely time, involving lots of eating out in restaurants (mainly because our dining room gets pretty cramped!) and we showed them the house we’re hoping to buy nearer to the end of the year… more on that another time. Also we went to the beach to test out Oliver’s new wellies (that’s where some of the photos in the last post were taken). After they left I promised myself the same thing I promise myself every time someone comes to stay – when we move into our new house we will get a new and DECENT sofa bed. Our current one was a last minute purchase, chosen because it was a) cheap and b) the right colour. I ordered it online, having never seen it (much less sat or slept on it) beforehand. It is not the worlds comfiest sofa, in fact to put it bluntly it’s like sleeping on the floor (or worse) despite the protestations of all our guests to the contrary. I’ve tried it myself and let me tell you, they lie 😉

Despite all that, I definitely wouldn’t rule out buying online again. You can find some great deals online, I would just make sure I went and tried out the sofa in a store first. I also probably wouldn’t go for the absolute budget option the way I did last time. It hasn’t really saved me any money in the long run, considering I’m planning to ditch that sofa within a year of buying it. I fell in love with this sofa as soon as I saw it. I mean, you can tell it’s super comfy just by looking at it can’t you? (That said, I’d probably still check it out for real just in case… I’ve learned my lesson!) I always tend to go for neutrals for things like sofas – they’re such an expensive item that you can’t be replacing them every time you get bored of a colour scheme, particularly if you’re splashing out on a decent one like I plan to next time. Therefore you need to be able to switch out the curtains, cushions etc. to make your colour changes and the sofa still needs to go with everything. I’d definitely go for the charcoal/turquoise option in this case, I just loooooooove grey!

One thing I really like about SCS is that there are whole matching ranges that include sofa beds. Sofa beds often seem to be a sort of ‘stand-alone’ product with nothing else to go with them when actually, it’ll be in my lounge so I will want other stuff to go with it! I reckon this chair might also be finding it’s way into my life sometime in the future…. I’ve always wanted a round chair!

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