Summer lighting (happened so fast!)

So last time I checked, it was supposed to be spring. Thats right people, SPRING. I have to say I haven’t seen much sign of it so far! It is my birthday this weekend, earlier this year I was hoping (rather naively) that the weather would have perked up enough by now that I could think about having an outdoor party. Ha. Ha. Ha. Instead it looks like we will all be wrapped up in our thermals in a very indoor restaurant.

Still it’s always fun to dream. Last year we had some fantastic parties in our garden (did I mention that the main thing I LOVE about this house is the garden?) and our only problem was outdoor lighting. It would inevitably get dark way before we were ready to call it a night, we have no easy power source outside and candles just weren’t really cutting it. I was pointed towards a fantastic website called Lights 4 fun and I think it might just be the answer to all our problems this summer (if the summer ever decides to get here!)

I noticed the solar garden lights straight away and knew they’d be perfect. What with our place being rented, we can’t be spending loads of time and money on running cables for mains powered lighting which we would then have trouble taking with us when we move. I can just pop any of these lanterns anywhere in my garden and *boom* 8 hours of party lighting after a days worth of sunlight to charge them up! And the best part is that when we pack up and move (which hopefully will be sooner rather than later but that’s a whole ‘nother rant story that I will get into another time) we can just take them with us. There are so many funky options – my personal favourites were pink LED dragonflies because I’m a girl and I like all that pink stuff but there are much simpler options for those that like a slightly more grown up look 😉

What are everybody else’s plans for this non-existant spring/summer when it ever decides to arrive? I bet that whatever they are, if they involve being outside then Lights 4 fun will have something to help. On the other hand, if this miserable dreary weather decides to hang on for the entire year, these battery LED candles can make the inside of the house look cosy instead, without your pets and toddlers burning themselves or your house down… it’s win win!

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