The importance of tradition

Me and my family were never really ones for doing anything much traditional. We never made a huge thing of the various holidays – Halloween was non existant, we might go to a firework display on Bonfire Night if we felt like it. I guess our Christmas would be pretty much like everyone else’s although quite a low key version – we’d have a tree, some form of roast dinner (although not necessarily turkey) and of course, the presents, but that’s about it. It’s not because we’re no fun in our family 😉 we’re just quite laid back kind of people. It’s like “You’re coming over for Christmas?” “Great!” “You can’t make it this year?” “No problem!” “You’ve not been back in five years?” “Don’t worry about it, we know you’re busy!” And so forth.

However this year we are finally (after the aforementioned five years!) going to my parents for Christmas. I am very excited. David is…. apprehensive. Not because he doesn’t like my family, he loves them and vice versa, it’s just that in his twenty-five (almost twenty-six) years of existence, this man has never spent a Christmas away from home. Seriously. Maybe that’s not as odd as I think it is (like I said, I’m from quite a laid back family) but either way, it’s happening this year and I guess he is worried that it won’t live up to the hype that his family make at Christmas. I mean these guys go all out. The house is covered in Christmas decorations, the bubbly is open at 9am (although that might be my influence!), the food is endless and they still do stockings for their children (aged 33, 30 and 26 respectively) as well as their grandchildren.

Let me stress that there’s nothing wrong with making a huge deal out of Christmas. I hope to do the same when we eventually have one in our own home. It’s just different to how I’ve always done things before. I’ve promised David a stocking but will it be enough?? He spent last Sunday making a Christmas cake and demanded that Oliver come and stir the cake mix as “that is something that the babies always do at my house”.

So Oliver dutifully stirred the mixture (almost knocking it on the floor in the process).

And then tried to eat it.

So, coming from a family with no traditions to speak of and then marrying into one which has loads… as we start to build our own family home, which ones do we keep? What are some good new ones? Where is the compromise between my family’s somewhat “Just another day” mentality and David’s family’s more exciting approach? Or am I just being a Scrooge about the whole thing? Hehe!

Decisions, decisions!

PS – I actually think the “baby cake stirring” one is quite sweet, I think we’ll keep that one.

PPS – Bah humbug 😉

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