The one in the aftermath

It seems like for weeks, our whole lives have been gearing up to the events of last weekend. The birthday, the preparation, the parties. Now that it’s over, I’m hit with the same sort of lost feeling as I was after our wedding.

What on earth do I plan now?

Oliver’s actual birthday was fantastic anyway. David had the day off work (yay!) and we managed to do the following among others…

Get our first haircut.

Have lunch in a place where a kids pizza was this size!

Open some presents, including our first pair of shoes and a lovely pair of personalised oak chairs by Lolly’s of London.

Not a bad first birthday I’d say 🙂 it’s shame he won’t remember it, but we will!

PS – Another thing of note – Oliver decided to cut another three teeth over his birthday weekend, bringing us to a grand total of ELEVEN! Go Oliver!

PPS – Anyone have any idea why PicMonkey has decided to mess with the quality of my images today? I’m too lazy to redo them right now ever but it is annoying the hell out of me.

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2 thoughts on “The one in the aftermath

  1. Aww what a post, gorgeous, I love his new shoes and I want that table and chairs, what a cutie he is, good boy too for his eating xxx

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