Meals on a Monday – Greek lamb kebab salad

Sorry I missed last week! Things have been hectic around here as David has been off work, hopefully normal service will resume when he returns 😀

Well this dinner was inspired by… a load of random leftovers I had in my fridge that all happened to be Greek themed(ish). There’s no recipe so I don’t have any quantities, I sort of made it up as I went along but it was super yummy (please no Greeks or smarty pants’ correcting it’s authenticity, I only said it was Greek inspired :p)

Greek lamb kebab salad
Serves 2

Lamb, diced
Feta cheese
Red peppers
Pitta bread
Mixed salad

Cut the pitta bread intro triangles and lightly toast. Put the dips into bowls if you’re feeling posh, otherwise just leave them in their tubs 😉 and put the salad on the plates with feta cubes. Chop up the courgette and the pepper into chunks and slide onto skewers with the diced lamb. BBQ or grill as required.

Verdict – 8/10

This was a fantastic last minute summer dinner and very simple to do. It tasted amazing and uses fairly cheap ingredients which is always a bonus. My favourite part however it the total lack of washing up – apart from a few knives and the plates and cutlery you eat off, there’s none! Woohoo!

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