Meals on a Monday – Summer BBQ

This week…. there is no meal on a Monday. I mean, there was a meal of course and I’m going to tell you about it but it doesn’t need a recipe!

Seeing as how the sun is out for the first time this entire summer, we decided to have a last minute BBQ. I went up to our local butchers and grabbed a few yummy looking things… some minty lamb steak and various flavours of burgers and some delicious looking Thai marinated kebabs which I presumed upon purchase to be chicken, only to realise that they were actually too small to be chickens and were in all likelihood made from quail! Only a Surrey butchers would sell quail kebabs in their shop. But I digress.

After a quick stop at Tesco Express for some salad, burger buns and wine of course, we were good to go! David fired up the BBQ, put all that lovely meat on there and I have to say… like all men, he is a fabulous BBQ chef so everything was fantastic.

Posh quail kebab!

Verdict – 10/10 🙂

Gotta love some summer spontaneity 🙂 anyone else dusted off their patio furniture yet?

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