The one with the Avon review – part 3

And the final installment….

An unforgivably long time ago, I was given the opportunity to review some Avon products. We’ve now reached the final product.

The Circles Tote Bag

Now this little piece of ‘equipment’ is awesome. It has proved particularly useful when going to one place – the swimming pool. Now, like most mums I have a mammoth changing bag but even it can’t fit all of a baby’s swimming paraphernalia in as well as all the regular stuff very easily. Plus you then have the whole “Where do we put the wet stuff without getting everything else wet?” issue. This bag has a (pink! Yay!) waterproof lining which makes it a perfect baby swim session bag. Observe 🙂

So I think that’s me done on the reviewing front. Short but sweet, I like to think 🙂 I do genuinely love using all these products on a regular basis (in fact the towel and eyeshadow are used daily, except when the towel is in the wash!) and would recommend them all to anyone. Thanks Avon!

** I was sent the products for the purpose of this review! **

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