The one with the Avon review – part 2

Continuing on…. (finally!)

An unforgivably long time ago, I was given the opportunity to review some Avon products. The next review I promised you all was of the froggy towel and mitt.

Now I’m not sure there’s really much that you can review about a towel, except to say that it’s absorbency wasn’t great at first (like most new towels I guess!) but now after many many uses and washes, it does just fine. Plus it’s super cute and far more exciting than the rest of Oliver’s boring pastel baby hooded towels. We do like to use the froggy mitt as a hand puppet during bath time – I’m pretty sure this is not its intended purpose but hey… whatever keeps the kid happy 😉

The final installment… “The pretty circles tote bag”… to follow shortly. Hopefully a lot sooner than this post was after the last one!

** I was sent the products for the purpose of this review! **

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