The one with special birthday cupcakes!! Part 1

Tomorrow it is my niece’s 3rd birthday party. Somewhere in the build up to it, I temporarily lost my mind and offered to make cupcakes for 30 people. Although I don’t mind really as I am always looking for opportunities to practice – I want to make some really yummy treats for Oliver’s first birthday party!

So anyway. I decided to make three batches of 10 (well 12 actually) in different flavours. I chose to make one batch of chocolate, one batch of vanilla and one batch of rosewater (yes I know, that one is a little bit different but it went with my decor theme!). My basic cupcake receipe (from my trusty My Cake Decorating magazine) was as follows.

Makes 12

125g 200g sugar
125g 200g butter
125g 200g self raising flour
2 3 eggs

It’s just your basic cupcake recipe – cream the butter and sugar, beat the eggs in one at a time and then fold in the flour. To make the chocolate ones, I substituted 25g of the flour for cocoa powder, I added a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract to make the vanilla ones and then a tablespoon of rosewater to the final batch. Yeah I know, it’s not rocket science 🙂 So I divided the mixes into cupcake trays and baked them at 180°C for about 20 minutes (until golden and a skewer comes out clean). I discovered after the first batch that the original quantities in the recipe made for a very stingy 12 cupcakes so I increased it slightly.

So… now we get to the fun part. I wanted each flavour to be decorated slightly differently so I devised the following plan – I piped them all with buttercream but topped the chocolate batch with sugar/flower paste stars, the vanilla batch with flower paste butterflies and the rosewater ones with.. yep, you’ve guessed it… roses! And mini marshmallows for a bit of a twist 🙂 The rose decorations were ready made as I’m not quite that advanced yet but the butterflies and the stars I made myself.

These butterflies were cut out of flower paste, pushed down in the middle with a knife and left to dry. The bodies are royal icing with a mini marshmallow ‘head’.

The stars are a sugar paste/flower paste mix (50:50) so they will dry out but not set as hard as flower paste.

And finally… my cheat decorations 😉 now you get the rosewater thing yes?

So the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the grand unveiling!!

To be continued…..

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