The one where I am excited, jealous and broody!!

I am going to be an auntie!!! I’ve known this for a while now but today, my brother in law and his wife had their scan and everything looks great! Eeeeeek!!! So she is 13 weeks today. The due date is – get this – the 25th December 2012!! Personally I think birthdays falling around Christmas really suck but I’ll just have to make sure that we always buy him or her two separate presents and not ‘one big present’ because that is just rubbish and cheating.

Personally I’m leaning towards a girl for them although I have no rational reason for thinking so… except that a girl just seems to suit them! A lovely, spoiled little princess hehe! I’d be so excited to have a little girl to spoil 🙂 We do already have one niece (my sister in law’s little girl, Lucy) but as they live in another part of the country, we don’t get to see them quite so much.

I love that Oliver will have lots of little cousins that are so close in age to him! He and Lucy are already so cute, I can’t wait to see them both with another little tiny added into the mix! Plus all this makes me incredibly broody for another one of my own 😉 but that will have to wait for a little bit longer!

Oliver (9 months) and his cousin Lucy (2 years 11 months)

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