New house before and after…. living room

Next up in the Before and after tour… the living room. We left this in the original colours as I quite liked them (after living in an all Almond white apartment for three years, some colour is quite refreshing!) and they matched our sofa fine.

Here is the lounge before:

Here are some photos now:

There’s only so much we can do to make this room pretty, as it’s Oliver’s main playing area during the day it means the focus is primarily on safety and babyproofing. So that means no ornaments, no wires, nothing on tables or low shelves and those super attractive soft corners on my coffee table 😉 Plus there are generally toys and mats out as well! I do plan to put some more photos up in this room though. At some point in the future (if we’re still here, which I hope we will be!) I imagine we’d probably decorate this room but for now it’s fine.

Status – practically finished (for now!)

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