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Right. Let’s beat the smart arses the punch first shall we? 🙂 I know it’s not a Monday. However, I figure that since it’s been the bank holiday, anything that should have happened on a Monday can quite legitimately happen today.

Today I consulted my Easy Cook magazine and found this little gem. It fit all of my criteria (simple, minimal ingrediants, only one pan etc.) and looked yummy so I decided to give it ago and I have to say it was a success.

Serves 2

If you want the ‘proper’ recipe, I suggest you go and buy the magazine but here my basic instructions. Boil two eggs and set them aside. The recipe suggests you buy a pouch of ready cooked long grain rice but I find those pouches to be a bit of a waste of money so I just cooked rice for two people at the beginning and set it aside. Cover some smoked haddock in milk and poach it for about 5-8 minutes with a couple of bay leaves, then skin and flake it and (you’ve guessed it) set it aside! The recipe never actually used this milk for anything afterwards but I did my favourite thing and set it to one side to use it in the finished product instead of water (yummy fish milk versus boring water – it’s a no brainer really and less wasteful). Chop an onion and fry it in a little oil with some ground coriander, turmeric and curry powder and then add your cooked rice and a bit of the milk and mix it up. Add your haddock last and don’t stir too much afterwards as the fish will break up. Finally, quarter your eggs and lay them on top. Nom nom!

Verdict – 7/10

Certainly a very simple recipe and minimal washing up (unless you start out using the wrong sized pan like I did!). It is also easy to halve/multiply for different numbers of guests. Once you own all of the spices it’s pretty cheap, especially if you can get your fish on sale. I think this one will find its way into my regular menu rotation but perhaps not as a favourite… I tend to like my rice (and pasta) dishes with lashings of some decadent, unhealthy sauce and this was a little bit dry, even with the extra milk I added.

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