The one with the Avon review – part 1

An unforgivably long time ago, I was given the opportunity to review some Avon products.

I started using them straight away but have neglected to write about them until now… still, better late than never!

Being a yummy mummy in training, the product I was most excited about was the eyeshadow so we’ll do that first.

I am notoriously bad for not being very adventurous with make up. I’ve worn the same three products (or variations of them) for practically the last five years and I don’t even vary them for day wear, evening wear etc. It’s just those same three products (a black mascara, a black eyeliner and a grey eyeshadow – in case you were wondering!). I’ve tried to branch out but I’ve never liked how they look, particularly in photos and I always end up back with my holy trinity (seriously I love them that much). Anyway so I have tried two colours out of these four so far, the darker pink and the darker greeny grey. While I have decided that pink is not really my colour, I LOVE the greeny grey and seriously, this stuff applies like a dream. A dream I tell you! I can do a much neater job with it than I do with my regular eyeshadow. Plus, as someone pointed out to me, it matches the colour of my eyes (oh and apologies for the rubbish eyebrow maintenance, they’re overdue a wax!)

I also found that unlike my other eyeshadow, this one actually lasts the whole day and I don’t end up with lines of powder residue built up in the creases of my eyelids which is never a good look!

Perhaps I’ve found a new ‘must have’ eyeshadow after all….. if you like the look of it too, it’s an Avon True Colour eyeshadow quad and comes in a fab range of colours if you’re braver than me – the one I tried was called Smoke and Mirrors.

Next time…. we’ll take a look at the adorable froggy towel and mitt!

** I was sent the products for the purpose of this review! **

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