The one with a brief comeback

I know I said I was having a blog break and things are manic around here with the move but something is playing on my mind at the moment and I want to record it so that if I’m right, I can say “I knew it!!!” and if I’m wrong… well this post will never be mentioned again 🙂

I made a semi joking remark in my last Emma’s Diary post about being two days late starting my new pack of contraceptive pills and having an ‘oops’ incident before I realised.

I know the chances of pregnancy resulting from this are incredibly slim but I’m experiencing a few weird déjà vu’s (or a few imagined déjà vu’s more likely!) from my two week wait with Oliver that are making me wonder slightly. The main one being light cramps. I am in the middle of my pill pack now, nowhere even close to my time of the month – I NEVER get cramps at any other time. So what are these? Another reason being ‘Are they? Aren’t they?’ sensitive nipples. I remember this one from before, they aren’t exactly sensitive but I keep being aware of them which of course, having had nipples for the last 25 years, I’m generally pretty used to them and don’t normally do this! Thirdly I’m experiencing mild nausea exactly like my previous morning sickness… before you all laugh in my face at the crazy earliness of it, I started experiencing nausea with Oliver before I even tested positive (admittedly not quite this early though) so it’s not completely ridiculous. My fourth (and least plausible) reason is just this weird heightened spatial awareness thing I get with my stomach – it’s like it’s bloated (which it is!) and I feel like there’s something in there that I don’t want anyone to come anywhere near. I feel uncomfortable with Oliver sitting on my tummy, like he’s squashing something. Plus if I’m honest, I just kinda have ‘a feeling’ and I was right last time.

This is probably all just because the possibility of pregnancy is playing on my mind and making me feel these symptoms but they’re all familiar from my first (successful) pregnancy so I wanted to record it anyway! If I never mention this again, you can assume I’m not and don’t mock me 🙂

I don’t know how I feel about this possibility – it would be completely unplanned and far sooner than we had imagined but I can feel that if I let myself I could start getting really excited over the idea of it so I just keep reminding myself that I’m almost certainly not which would be a far better outcome if we’re being sensible about it. So we’re watching this space…

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