Meals on a Monday

I’ve started getting pretty into this cooking malarky since I accidentally became a housewife for two years (shhhh don’t tell anyone) but I’m really not one for making anything fancy that takes a lot of preparation time. If it takes longer than about half an hour (not including cooking/baking time of course) then the chances are that I’m already bored and have wandered off to order a takeaway.

I’m a big fan of meals that look super impressive but don’t actually require a lot of skill or patience, as I don’t possess much of either when it comes to cooking πŸ˜‰

I’m not going to start with today’s meal as we’re moving house this week so in a bid to a) keep it simple and b) empty the freezer, I’m making sausage and mash. Scrummy though this classic meal is, I’m sure that you all already know what it looks like and how to make it!

So starting next Monday (or actually, more likely the one after due to moving) I’ll be reporting from my brand new and bigger kitchen (!) and I will attempt to share with you some of the more interesting/successful recipes I attempt. I can’t promise that I’ll always make them on a Monday (in fact I probably hardly ever will – who cooks fancy food on a Monday night??) but I’ll post it on a Monday anyway because really, how rubbish does Meals on a [insert day not beginning with ‘M’] sound?!

Join in!

Meals on a Monday

Just grab a button and get cooking! There’s no official link up at the moment but just leave me a comment here and if I get enough interest, I’ll create one!

Here are mine so far…

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