The one with the pretend anniversary

Yesterday was our ‘one year six month’ wedding anniversary. I know that may seem like a strange thing to celebrate (well ok, it is!) but as our ‘half year’ mark falls right near Valentines Day, we tend to sort of celebrate the two things together. Previous years have seen us go to posh London restaurants, nice days out and of course last years unforgettable pregnancy test – obviously this year will be a little more low key (certainly nothing so romantic as peeing on a stick!) but hopefully no less enjoyable! David is going to cook for us, we will break open a bottle of sparkly stuff and as we decided not to do presents due to lack of funds, unbeknownst to David, ‘Oliver’ has sorted out some dessert for us. It is amazing too, I (sorry, Oliver!) have had this bookmarked for months, just waiting for a suitable occasion!

Doesn’t it look amazing?? Now we just have to hope Oliver doesn’t break the habit of a lifetime and decide not go to bed at 6pm tomorrow evening…


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