The one where I’m 18 weeks and 2 days

Ooooohhhh my poor little blog. 18 weeks and 2 days today! I don’t know why but that seems like a whole lot of pregnant hehe! I can’t believe there’s a baby in my (still rather small) bump that is about 24cm from head to toe! That’s almost a ruler! That’s huge!!!

There have been no major dramas of late which is good – no more spotting (mind you, no more ‘special time’ with David either which is probably why 🙁 never mind!) except I thought I perhaps saw a tiny dot this morning but I practically had to squint at the tissue to see it and there’s hasn’t even been an imaginary spot since so I guess that means it was probably nothing. Oh and that I should stop inspecting my tissue every time I go to the loo which is a dreadful habit I’ve gotten into since about, oh… I don’t know… 4 weeks pregnant lol! I just get so nervous!

I haven’t felt Pip move about much the last couple of days (which of course I’m worrying about as well!) but to be honest, it’s not yet reached the stage where I’d say I was feeling regular movements plus I know it’s quite early for that anyway! So I’m trying not to worry. I think it’s just a comparison thing as he had quite a busy weekend so I’m noticing the quiet patch more. Although, it has literally just occurred to me that I was drinking caffeinated tea and coffee over the weekend as we were away at my grandparents, and I’ve pretty much completely cut caffeine out of my diet at home so no wonder he was bouncing a bit more!

David is doing is exams this week, his first one was yesterday and he thinks it went better than he expected. Bless him, he gets so nervous about exams but he only has one more on Thursday and then they’re over with! Yay! I think he’s much better prepared this time than he was last year so that’s good. Actually the timing of his degree is almost perfect – he will be finished next April so if he can get the majority of his dissertation done before little one’s arrival (easier said than done I think!) then his degree will be all but finished before he has his little boy taking up all his attention!

I think I mentioned there were lots of pregnant girls at work earlier this year (including the one I completely irrationally had secret issues with thanks to my MIL). Now all those girls have had their babies (all girls as well!) and it’s just me and my supervisor left (both having boys). Argh this means I am second to next in line! There are people joining the queue AFTER me! I’m becoming the veteran pregnant lady of the office and I’m only 4.5 months lol. Weird. Another thing that’s weird is that my friend Kate (who conceived around the time we conceived Spot) is due in about 8 weeks. This inevitably brings Spot to the forefront of my mind and I’m thinking “Wow I’d be due in about 9 weeks!” That’s another scary thought; I just can’t imagine having a baby so soon! I’m sure July 29th will be a slightly weird day for us but I can’t let myself be too sad about it because Pip wouldn’t exist if Spot still did and although I still think about it sometimes, my little boy is what’s important now so I just hope hope hope he carries on doing as well as he is so far!

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