The one where I’m 17 weeks and 1 day

Oooh I’m getting so bad at updating!!! It has been quite busy recently but still, no excuse!

So first things first. I don’t think I ever mentioned this but the hospital seemed to be having trouble coming to a decision about when my due date was and they kept putting different dates on different things – some things had the date based on my original LMP date (so 23 Oct) and some things had the hospital’s adjusted date, based on that 8 week scan I had (27 Oct). Eventually at my 16 week appointment at my doctors, the lovely midwife said “STOP!” and put me at 23rd October. That’s it she said, no more changes. Apparently they wouldn’t normally bother changing a woman’s original dates by her LMP unless the scan was showing more than 10 days difference, or at the very least a week – so seeing as mine was only 4 days difference at 8 weeks (he could well have caught up by now, who knows?), they’re going to leave it as it was originally. Sooooo…..

I’m passed 17 weeks already! Woohoo! I know by the time I get to the end, four days won’t matter one bit anyway but I do so like to be further along than I thought I was haha! So I’ve dutifully changed all my tickers and iPhone apps again!

Pip is causing me all manner of mild discomforts at the moment – I’ve noticed I’ve been a bit more crampy and had a few more twingy pains over the weekend than previously so I guess he is growing and stretching everything nicely in there! I’m still trying desperately not to worry about every single pain I get haha! Yesterday I think his feet were in the air as I felt the little ‘kicks’ as I now think of them, quite a lot higher up than usual. Later on though I think he moved riiiiiiight back down again as I suddenly had this massively full up heavy feeling quite low in my pelvis and suddenly had to wee about 5 times in one evening!

Sleeping is becoming a bit of an issue – I am NOT a tummy sleeper anyway, even more so now and apparently you are not supposed to sleep on your back much after this stage because of pressure on various bits and pieces, which only leaves my sides. This worked fine for about half the night until both hips were completely worn out and hurting….. and I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out how to sleep on my sides without putting pressure on my hips! Go figure. I suppose I could get one of the maternity pillows but I’m not sure how they would help to solve this problem as it is not my bump needing support or anything – my hips just can’t take the pressure all night long! Anyway I’ll work on it.

We had a lovely weekend (I think I say that every week!) I just love spending time with David while I still have him all to myself 🙂 we can’t wait for our little man to join us though! We went to visit David’s grandparents in Worthing on Saturday and she’s absolutely beside herself with joy that she’s going to have a great grandson (she has two great granddaughters already) and has already been out buying the blue lol! They have offered to buy us the highchair we want as well which is lovely of them.

I should just quickly mention my midwife appointment before I go – she was lovely, it was a nice quick (but not rushed!) appointment, my urine sample was clear (no sugar woo! Last time I eat sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce the night before I get checked!!), Pip’s heartbeat was lovely and my bump was measuring nicely too. The next thing I have is my actual anomaly scan on June 10th (although they’ve already pretty much checked everything they could at 16 weeks I think) and then another midwife appointment at 25 weeks. Plus (ohmigosh!) I should probably get organized on the antenatal classes fairly soon.

Less than three weeks to go until we’re halfway there…. insane!!

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