The one with another scan in 12 days!

I. feel. So. tired. I can’t believe how physically drained I am today. It’s insane!!! Pip must be doing something pretty major in there for me to feel this tired, I was the same last night as well. David said I fell asleep at 8:30 and he woke me at 9 as he thought I’d have trouble sleeping if I went to sleep so early (he was right too!) but I just fell straight back to sleep until he woke me again at about 9:30 to make me go to bed. After that, I was out like a light until I woke up at about 2am (after a really bizarre scary dream in which David was the guy from Phycho, complete with dress and wig and he was chasing me around a house trying to kill me – I also needed the loo!) and I couldn’t get back to sleep for a while after that.

So if the hospital changes my dates after my next scan on the 15th, she reckons I’ll probably be 3-4 days behind which if I did ovulate on day 16 instead of 14 as I suspected, would account for that rather nicely. So I might not be quite 6 weeks yet (which explains why there wasn’t much to see at the scan) but until I’m given a new date for certain, I won’t bother to change my ticker. So only 2 more days until the day we lost Spot. I knew getting to this point would be scary but I feel so different about this pregnancy that I’m not as worried as I expected to be. Still…

I just can’t wait to see the baby and hear that heartbeat! I hope hope hope we get that far. Less than two weeks. In fact… T-minus 12 days!!

Only one more day until the weekend, it just cannot come fast enough for me. The long awaited girls night is tomorrow night and I am determined to go even though I’ve already asked David if he’ll come and pick me up so I don’t have to stay out too late! Let’s see how well I fare :p

Ooh and one more random development – remember how I was worrying about this whole bridesmaids dress shopping thing on Sunday? Well she has cancelled Sunday due to her massive uni workload! So hopefully by the time she gets around to rescheduling it, I will be further along and able to tell her exactly why I’m worried about money, dress size etc. So as Emma pointed out, some things are just fate 🙂

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