Pip scan #1 (6 weeks and 3 days)

Just a quick one to say that the scan went fine – there really wasn’t much to see, she thinks I’m probably a few days behind what I thought (remember I wondered if I’d felt ovulation pains on cycle day 16 instead of 14? Scary to think I was probably right!) so no heartbeat or embryo to see yet. However there was a perfectly sized gestational sac with a nice yolk in the right place so definitely no chance of an ectopic and things seems to be growing properly. I have a repeat scan on the 15th at which they will probably adjust my dates… But anyway we should definitely see Pip and hear a heartbeat then!

So basically I’m still nervous but I’ve had about as much reassurance as is possible at this point so I’m just gonna have to be patient. The only other thing of note is that David and I gave in the urges (lol!) this evening so now I’m terrified we’ll have caused damage or something even though I know we won’t have. Definitely need to relax haha! Until next time.

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