The one with the wedding reception

Wow David and I are attending our first official ‘do’ as a married couple! Bizarrely it’s another wedding too… of people much older than us too! To think that we’re ahead of them in life in some small way is actually quite strange 🙂 I just had to go for an emergency leg wax so I don’t resemble something related to a gorilla or a yeti in my rather scrummy hen night dress and now I’m trying to rush home in order to be out of the door by 5:30. Seeing as it’s ten to 5, I’m not even home yet and have yet to shower, wash and style hair AND do make-up… I’m gonna say that’s not going to happen haha! At least I don’t have to shave my legs or choose an outfit I suppose.

Yay for bank holiday weekends and Sunday night drinking! By the way, some of you may have noticed a new link on the side of the blog which represents my most recent descent further into madness… but that deserves it’s own entry I think so you’re probably best to clickety click and read my (pathetic!) explanation for yourselves.

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Hi my name is Bells... mummy blogger extraordinaire... or not. I mostly blog about my family life, with a bit of fashion, beauty and baking thrown in. Oh and I love pink. So yeah, I'm pretty much just your typical teenage girl.... except I'm a fully grown adult and mum of three. Doh.

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  1. MISSUS! I am still here (I just forget to log into Blogger too often, don’t even get me started on moving my old entries across. Really must get on with that), I’m sure I left you a comment at your new blog but it seems to have disappeared, I blame my dodgy computer. Anyway, keep on blogging because I am still reading! xx

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